Why Is It Important to Have Your Swimming Pool Cleaned?

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Your swimming pool won’t only boost your property value and improve the aesthetics of your backyard, it also helps improve the overall life quality. Using a swimming pool regularly can help you toward a healthier lifestyle. It is also a great addition to the amenities of your backyard. But, if you decide to have a swimming pool, know that it entails great responsibility. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to maintain its cleanliness for it to operate in tip-top condition. Otherwise, an unclean and unmaintained pool can greatly impact your backyard’s aesthetics, safety, and functionality.

Here are some other reasons why should you clean your swimming pool regularly:

  • You can enjoy regular usage of your pool
  • Improves your home’s value
  • Better functionality and operation
  • Improved aesthetic
  • Maintains safe water and sanitary
  • Lesser expensive repairs
  • Longevity

Neglecting to clean or to have it maintained by the experts regularly could lead to the following issues:

Clogged drains

One of the major issues for homeowners with a swimming pool would be clogged drains. Clogged drained can possibly burn out your motor, which results in expensive repairs that can definitely make a great hole in your wallet. To avoid getting unwanted expensive repairs, you have to guarantee to have your drains checked regularly.


If you do not maintain the cleanliness and quality of your swimming pool properly, you might end up encountering a few massive health conditions. Some of these health problems could be wound, respiratory, eye, ear, or skin irritations. This means that the development of bacteria can contaminate the water, which results in things, such as wound infections, eye infections, or rashes. If you notice that you have become sick after dipping into an uncleansed pool, we highly suggest that you reach out with a physician to guarantee and take action about your health condition.

Development of Algae

Once your pool water or water in your other things seems to have a green color, there is a high chance that algae have begun to develop in your swimming pool. This could occur once you do not properly clean your pool regularly. There are a lot of available products on the market, which could help eliminate, remove, or prevent algae from developing. Though, scheduling a pool cleaning service might be the greatest thing you should do for the sake of your pool’s maintenance if you want to bathe in safe pool water.

Keeping your swimming pool in the greatest functional state as possible is very essential in everyone’s property. It does not matter if you want to clean it yourself or not. However, if you are unsure how to make cleaning your swimming pool possible, it would be highly recommended for you to contact a trusted service provider that can help you out with this. With their help, you can guarantee that the process will be safe and efficient at the end of the day. Contact Metro Pool Cleaning Perth now!

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Vinyl plank flooring provides the natural appearance that a hardwood flooring can offer, without the need of too much maintenance. Most people find it hard to choose what kind of flooring should be installed in their homes. After all, you will need to live with whatever type of flooring you select for many years to come. If you want to achieve the natural hardwood’s appearance, you could probably consider installing vinyl plank flooring Kawartha Lakes. For you to decide, here are some of the vinyl plank types:

Luxury Vinyl Planks

Luxury vinyl planks usually have a stiff construction and they are manufactured to be extremely sturdy. Compared to the traditional peel and stick type, this type of flooring is higher in quality. However, some peel and stick selections can be considered as luxury nowadays. Though those planks with a more stiff construction could endure the wear and tear of pets, kids, and high foot traffic.

Waterproof vinyl planks

This type of vinyl flooring is attested to be 100 percent waterproof. Waterproof vinyl planks basically contain a construction with 4 layers, including a waterproof core that makes it the best among other luxury vinyl flooring types. These planks could be set up everywhere you want to place it. Commonly, it is sufficiently thick to be installed in living rooms, kitchens, basements, and more. Due to its sufficient thickness, you can install them over damaged subfloors.

Rigid core vinyl planks

Similar to waterproof vinyl planks, this type of flooring is also 100% waterproof. Now, you might be curious about what their differences are provided that they are both certified waterproof. The answer to that is this: rigid core vinyl planks have a core that’s stone-plastic composite. Meaning, this core is extremely dense, which makes this flooring nearly impossible to destroy. This material is actually sturdy. Due to its tough rigid core, this flooring is best installed in a commercial building with high foot traffic. It is actually attested to do well in commercial areas. Also, having dents due to heavy furniture is less likely to happen due to its super-dense core.

If you want to finally consider to install any types of flooring, we strongly suggest to employ a reputable and professional flooring service contractor to support and aid you in deciding which type of flooring would be great for your project. Know that our company started this industry for quite a long time. Because of this, we assure you that we have honed into a better company provided that we have gone through a lot of finished projects and experiences when it comes to professional commercial and residential floorings. Our dedicated flooring contractors are certified, bonded, and licensed. Your property will be safe in our hands. Contact us now to know more or visit our website and check out the services we proudly offer to our clients.

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